Anonymous asked: How did you grow your hair so long? Besides not bleaching it. Did you take vitamins, use oils? Any tips?

It took a while to get this long but not bleaching it was the biggest help. I just take multi vitamin, b12, & biotin supplements & use Moroccan oil. Lush has a really good hair treatment as well you let sit for 20 minutes then wash out.

Anonymous asked: Air - Playground Love (Vibraphone Version) FOR CHILL PPL ONLY!


Anonymous asked: If you don't like yourself after this. All that's left to do is for me to become you and give you a new reality or dream to live in. Forgive&Forget they said. I've got the Forgive, can you Forget?

This has got to be the same weirdo who keeps writing these insane asks. Get a hobby or something.

Anonymous asked: For the previous "feminist" poster... I'm a man, you may "objectify" me all you want. As a matter of fact you should tie my hands behind my back and pour melting wax down my V lines until I beg you to put ice cubes over my burns. Lust make sure when I say put it in your mouth you are ready2swallow, it ain't gonna suck itself, for your taste buds pleasure, I would dip it in strawberry margarita just to make sure you're getting drunk while I'm getting blown&hummed. HAPPYHUMPDAY Its Wednesday Wuwu

What. The. Fuck.


i never hit reblog so fast in my life

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite book and why?

I could never pick just one book as my favorite. I’ve answered before with a list of my favorites though!

Anonymous asked: Why do you think people have such a hard time going to the gym and being healthy? Especially if they haven't been happy with their body for years.

I have no clue, everyone is different. Most people want a quick fix and diet instead of changing eating habits. It’s all about instant gratification for some people. I think a lot of people are misinformed & closed minded about nutrition.

Anonymous asked: Why don't you want to get married

It’s not something that’s terribly important to me

Anonymous asked: Who is your BFF!

My dogs

Anonymous asked: What do you do as soon as you get home from school

Idk usually walk my dogs & make food???

Anonymous asked: How's school

Really dumb but my last final is Monday so that’s good news.

Anonymous asked: when are you gonna post on gonewild!

I have no clue what that is

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Anonymous asked: Women are objectified. How do you allow yourself to enjoy sex if you're being used?

You can’t be this dumb

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