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My Guide to Cooking Amazing Tofu

As a single ingredient, tofu has a lot to offer and it’s worth learning how to cook it well. I’ve gathered together all of my tofu recipes, tutorials, tips, and tricks together into this all-inclusive tofu resource.  You’ll be enjoying amazing tofu dishes in no time!

Why do you need to learn how to cook tofu?

  • It’s high in protein (13g/serving)
  • A source of calcium and iron
  • Mild in flavour making it ideal for marinades
  • Versatile – it can be baked, sautéed, fried, grilled, you name it!
  • Quick and easy to prepare – it can be flavoured and prepared in as little as 10 minutes
  • Very cost effective, 1 block ($2.27) = 4 servings ($0.57/serving)

Tofu has some awesome health benefits too! Studies have shown that eating tofu can help to lower bad cholesterol, and 25g of soy protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease (in combination with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.) Check the label and look for non-GMO tofu.

4 Part Tofu Tutorial:

  1. Types of Tofu
  2. Draining and Preparing Tofu
  3. Marinating Tofu {includes 3 easy marinades}
  4. Cooking Tofu {Baking & Sautéing}
My first post on preparing tofu: How to Prepare Tofu

Tofu Recipes {Mostly Gluten/Nut-free}:


Lunch & Dinner:

**good recipes to try if you’ve never eaten tofu.

Sides & Multi-Purpose:

Read the full post here.

Allergen Disclaimer: Many of these recipes will be Gluten/Nut-free optional with simple substitutions to fit in with your dietary requirements. If you’re making food for someone with a food allergy or other dietary requirement, always make sure to show them the recipe and ingredients BEFORE you start cooking!

"Being vegan sucks, all you eat are salads" "where do you get your protein" "isn’t that food so processed" because every meat eater becomes a damn nutritionist when you tell them you’re vegan yet are at risk for heart disease (# 1 cause of death in America) 50% more than vegans are. I’ll just be here eating my weight in ice cream bye.

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