Queen boo boo sitting on her throne, lookin’ down on the peasants (finally got all 4 in a picture).

My social media is turning into a place to post food but I think people who have a weird perception of veganism can actually see how fucking good the food we eat is & it’s not all falafel hummus quinoa “healthy foods.” Baked ziti & homemade garlic bread!

Finally got my place up & running 😁

nicolealess said: Again asking you for advice/questions! So I'm currently not eating meat/dairy, not considered a total vegan, and have been telling myself at one point or another I'm going to stop eating eggs (gross, I know). I just started reading The China Study and came to realization that I need to just stop eating them. My question for you is what are some things you eat for breakfast? Since I usually ate eggs for breakfast.

I’ve actually never liked eggs so I never had that problem. I’m very much repulsed by them. Watch food inc or the documentary speciesism. Both are on Netflix. I wake up with just enough time to throw clothes on for school/work so I usually eat fruit & a clif builder bar. I snack all day long cause if I don’t I get hypoglycemic. When I do have time I usually do breakfast burritos, tofu scramble, cinnamon rolls, donuts, biscuits, etc. There is a vegan option for EVERYTHING & I mean everything. You can make French toast or pancakes with soy/almond milk and instead of eggs use applesauce, bananas or ground flax seed with warm water. Smart life makes awesome sausage. They make bacon too but I’m not a fan. Boca has the best meat substitutes the veggie crumbles are what I put in everything. The chicken sandwiches are amazing. Gardein also makes a bunch of stuff. I believe breakfast patties too. Tofu scramble will be closest to eggs, you can google some recipes for it.

You can’t make homes out of human beings.


"real men dont rape" actually, real men do rape. they do. men rape. it isn’t done by ~fake mythical special brand of evil~ men, it’s done by real men, men who may seem nice, men who you think you can trust, men you know, men who you’re close to. real men do rape. that’s the problem


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Today’s been wonderful. I went to the beach alone & went swimming & listened to pity sex on my speaker. Now I’m enjoying this then going swimming in the pool 😁


I wanna cry with you.
I wanna die with you once or twice.
I wanna lie with you until the pain is through for a while.

I’d do anything to make you feel.

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I’ll understand if you would rather leave me behind.

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admirethisstufferdie said: So what part of Florida are you from?

I live in Jacksonville

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