Today didn’t go as planned in the slightest and probably one of the worst days I’ve had but we are finally on our way out of Orlando for good & leaving the negative energy & people behind. I’m hoping this situation goes away on it’s own so I can leave this place behind for good. Grateful for good people in my life & my pup kids. I need a tequila.

Seriously………… I’m so mad.

My hair looks crazy after I take my braids out

  • Me 8 years ago: I want a carnage pizza with blood for sauce.
  • Me 7 years ago: Red meat is really bad for you. I'll just have chicken and fish instead.
  • Me 6 years ago: I wouldn't want my cat to die, so I shouldn't make a chicken go through that either. I'll just cut out meat, fur, and leather, and stick to milk, eggs, and veggies.
  • Me 5 years ago: I don't really like eggs anymore, and I buy soy milk sometimes, but I just loooooove cheese. Veganism is too extreme, so maybe I can just get local cheese from happy cows.
  • Me 4 years ago: Shit. I guess there is no such thing as happy cows. Fuck this. Goodbye cheese. Hello vegan lifestyle!
  • Me 3 years ago: I guess subsistence hunting is still okay.
  • Me 2 years ago: Nothing is okay.
  • Me 1 year ago: NOTHING IS OKAY.
  • Me now: Fuck your pointy teeth, fuck your "deer overpopulation", fuck your friend of a friend of a friend who went vegan for 6 hours and got sick and never went back, fuck your shitty understanding of evolution and biology, fuck your armchair nutritionist bullshit, fuck your burger recipe, fuck your cook out photos, fuck your fashion, fuck "plant intelligence," fuck your "personal choice," fuck your food chain, fuck your taste preference, fuck your tradition, FUCK ALL OF YOUR EXCUSES. GO VEGAN OR FUCK OFF.


believe it or not we need meat to survive

Yet here I am


Did some shopping & wanted to share new products (& some old). Again, seventh generation has every type of household cleaner needed, laundry soap, & dish soap. Mrs. Meyers has awesome hand soaps, dish liquids, surface cleaners. All cruelty free, Eco friendly, & natural/safe products. For bath & beauty I use organix shampoo, conditioner, body wash, & hair serum. Hempz (a bit on the pricey side) makes awesome lotions, body scrubs, & body washes, most products are vegan. Ecotools are the only brushes I use & fairly inexpensive compared with all other brands. I’ve used urban decay religiously but they can be pricey so I’m trying out NYX products for a change. I do love urban decays vegan products (marked with a paw print on the package). And of course the body shop lotions. I used my cruelty cutter while in the store and scanned the barcode and within a second it will tell you whether that brand is cruelty free. Best $2 ever spent. All products found at target, ulta, & publix. IF TL;DR THESE ARE ALL CRUELTY FREE PRODUCTS, INEXPENSIVE AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE SO BUY THEM INSTEAD OF PRODUCTS TESTED ON ANIMALS!!! #crueltyfree

My favorite thing for lunch; pomegranate plunge no sugar/no Splenda & hummus veggie wrap just hummus, rice, black beans, & asparagus 😁


hi good morning touch me inappropriately 

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Women are sharing their comebacks to instances of everyday sexism



and it’s amazing


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I’ve been using that “nose bigger than your dick” one since I was about 17 years old! (I’m 35.)
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If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no fucking luck at all

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Queen of over thinking. I wish I could sleep.

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